Promise me you’ll stay

promise me you’ll stay, who will do the laundry?

you cannot go and put me in this quandary.

the dishes are piling up, I’ve no idea what to do!

why are leaving? what’s gotten into you?

promise me you’ll stay, I’ll shower in a week or two..

if it’s the food in my beard you can comb it out.

promise me you’ll stay and clean the bathroom grout

it’s funky in there; there’s mushrooms standing stout,

we’re a team, do your job, finally, and I’ll do mine

promise me I can bathe in a computer screen’s shine,

and play Cyberpunk 2077 until my brain forms a line.

why can’t you just be happy with your lot.

promise me you’ll stay and keep my KFC hot

I can’t keep checking or V might get shot

while attempting to braindance through Night City

promise if you go to take your white kitty,

though not having her as a tissue is a right pity.

Feeding her has really become a chore.

promise me you’ll stay, who’ll answer the door?

when I’m on a mission, can’t tell you what for

you’re not really going what have I done?

you’re the one I, like, love, our life’s just begun!

me and V could have so much fun

if you promise to stay and rhyme something with laundry

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