Water Striders

everlong labile legs

still supporting 15 times their weight

without sinking

to be as quick

a 6-foot human would need

to swim 400 mph

mating is less joyous for women

they know it entails, afterwards,

the male riding their backs lazily

for hours if not days

a “chastity belt” grew-

they cannot mate until it opens

males developed their own strategy

they strum the water rhythmic

predators like fish or backswimmers are alerted

males, on top, can dismount

scoot away, scot-free, anytime

females must choose:

opening their “belts” and

the tedious task of reproduction

or near-certain death by backswimmer

some water striders have wings

those living in rushing waters

and lush wetlands

have short or no wings-

long ones are easily damaged

and cost too much energy to maintain

but water striders are polymorphic

their progeny develop as needed

should the wetlands be small

or if the temperature rises

or if they live in a mud puddle

their children will have long wings

to fly them to a new home

i go to the fridge

i remove the can of canned cheese

i jam the can of canned cheese

between my lips

and spray

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