A Resignation Letter

Dear Dad,

I wish to inform you that I will be resigning from my position as your son, effective immediately, due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control. My last day of familial service will be the 8th of April, after which all ties to said family, the community, and society at large will be severed.

I have been offered a lack of lifestyle infinitely more appealing to any and all hitherto experienced. Carrying out this radical change will be a challenge unlike any other, and is one to which I have devoted much time and careful consideration. Further, the fact I considered this change at all may be seen as a testament to the forces propelling me in this direction, unbeknownst to you, Mother, or anyone content in their station and place.

It is time that I turned my focus to challenges beyond the horizon. Perhaps there, wherever “there” may be, I might live where acceptance, acknowledgement, and love are the rule, not the exception.

Please accept my eternal gratitude for the support and opportunities I have enjoyed in your organization. I have truly enjoyed being a member of your team and have toiled away many hours with excellent people, namely my brother Mike and Mother. I also appreciate the way you tried to support my personal and professional development the best way you knew how over the past fourteen years. 

At this point the days of the week, ages, months and years, and time itself have little meaning for me, but if they did please know I would gladly choose to spend my remaining moments with you and your family, for I was able to feel safe there – at least for a time.

I wish you great success, personal and financial, for the future. Although material goods also mean little, I truly hope you gain your fill of these, and of anything else you desire during your march through time.

Should you need a voice or an opinion from an unconventional position, do not hesitate to contact me. I, in turn, shall not hesitate to answer, no  matter which device you choose to communicate with. 

Yours sincerely,

J ––, your loving so

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