Never Look Back

Do not turn around. Do not avert your gaze. Do no let yourself be distracted. Heed the plan, heed the rules, heed the strict guidelines no one has prepared and painstakingly not formulated to carve in stone nowhere you can find them. Do not listen to your conscience unless it is telling you to keep going without turning around. Do not listen to the gunshots. Do not listen to the cries of horror from men, women, and children who might look strangely familiar since they are all your brothers and sisters, but are hard to make out from under the advance of your Saint Laurent 30mm Brushed Leather Army Boot ($800)-clad feet.

Your wife depends on you. Her jewelry and golf club memberships depend on you. Your children depend on you. Their pets and toys depend on you. Your shit-brained selfishness and complete ignorance depend on you. Your pickups and Colt 45s depend on you, as do your Confederate flags. If you do not advance persons of color might get all of these.

Do not do research. Do not wonder if anything you are told is really true. You have already come so far, and to turn back now would mean you wasted half, or all, of your life doing something that was wrong. Fly a flag even if you have no idea which one that is, or what it stands for. Hit someone.

Do not open the door. Do not open the window. Do not open the shutters. Do not remove your blinders. Do not go outside or you might get hurt. Outside dogsaresnarling bloodisflowing insultsteargastelescopicbatonswatercannonsshockgrenades ‘n’ hypersonicmissiles fly Fists are clenched and only the sensible ones have no guns. You do not want to get hurt. You do not want to be exposed as being weak and mortal. Worse, you do not want to be unworthy of being a beacon of hope and light. It is best to draw the shade, close the blinds. TV will tell you everything you want to know, and if you don’t like what you’re shown, change the channel.

Do not watch anything but FoxNews, Blaze, The Daily Wire, Breitbart, The Freedom First Press. Do not listen to anyone except William F. Buckley, William Safire, Lou Dobbs, Bill O’Reilly, Russ Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, Steve Bannon, Tucker Carlson, and Stephen Miller (if there is no sunlight around).

Do not expect this to end. Do not expect peace. Do not hope for peace. Peace is a girlie-man, leftist pinko hoax dreamt up by the left-wing fake news. As is mercy, empathy, sympathy (yes these are 2 different things), honesty, tenderness, friendliness, kindness, emotions, feelings, human, shared dialogues, being adult, guilt, and fair-play.

Do not look for sense.

Do not look for sanity.

Do not hope for hope.

Do not look for love.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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