The Mentality Of The Modern Man

This piece concerns itself with the values and ideals of humankind in the 21st century. Please refer to the appropriate study materials. As you’ll remember, based on a historical survey of the origins and development of the modern society and its absorption of Christian values, we may safely conclude contemporary humans exude tolerance, gentle behaviour, profound optimism and a lack of obsession with time. They are careful and considerate, concerned for the welfare of his or her or its gender-undefined fellow citizens and creatures in his or her or its environment. They routinely practice fair, decent, polite, and helpful attributes, simultaneously rejecting selfish and pointless ones for the benefit of the larger good.

Humans today rejoice upon the successes of others, to the point where achievers are sometimes rewarded with rides upon massive, winged pink elephants, costs be damned. The realization that our welfare is inherently bound to the fortunes of others is deeply rooted in such species, so much so that each is prone to offer sums of money to downtrodden strangers, from specie of the lowest denomination to many-digitted bills.

Human brains appear to have cast away the self-absorption of previous centuries and aeons, as demonstrated by the near total rejection of material goods and superficiality on a grand scale. Gone are third autombiles, or the 6,000th pair of shoes, the second summer home or the yacht inside the yacht; instead, peoples of the world naturally stride for the well-being of all creatures, which, as we are all aware, does not involve fake body parts or $1,000 T-shirts.

It is particularly refreshing to view today’s youth in current popular ditties, easily viewed in various social media platforms and computer simulations, who all hold hands and sway to the rhythm of the uplifting ballads, and sing with the glory of all the angels in heaven about peace, love, and understanding.

By Elvis Costello.

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